Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tombstone Arizona

All the lumber used for shoring beams are in perfect condition. They don't rot because of the perfect weather conditions in the mine. Appaerntly insects & such don't like being so deep in the earth.

Well Tombstone was awsome. We took a carriage ride on an old Stage Coach, Took a mine tour, (can't believe we did that after yesterdays experience) we watched live performances of some famous wild west gun fights. Spent some time walking around the town taking in the sights. No wonder there were so many fight...the main street had more than 106 Saloons, the popular brothel was something like 6 blocks by 2 blocks in size. That was just one place. The ladies of the night had to be registered and pay a licence fee. Quite the history in this "little town". It was well worth seeing.

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