Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phoenix Arizona

After leaving Boise, Id. we drove a ways and took a bit of a leg stretch at Twin Falls, Id. There we looked at this amazing Bridge overlooking Snake River. What awesome views. It was a long day making it the rest of the way to Vegas. Very long straight boring highway. Once in Vegas we stayed three night there staying down on Freemont street taking in all of the activity there and trying not to lose too much. We were there for Super bowl so it was a busy week-end in Vegas. The only show we were able to take in was a Gordy Brown comedy act and he was very good. Three days there is very tiring, we could hear the party almost all night long from our room. It is going to take me a while to recover. We stopped and did some sight seeing at the Hoover Dam on our way to Phoenix. It is quite amazing. Apparently the water level was 200 ft. higher only 30 years ago. Really makes you wonder. Most of our trip so far we have been able to see mountains, even all through the desert. Mind you most of them have been very "desolate" looking. They are really something to see even if it does make me think of what it may probably look like on the moon. Today we found a laudry mat and now we are going to see what there is to do in Phoenix. I imagine we can get into a fair bit of trouble as Phoenix and surrounding area is populated by approx. 2.5 million people. I must not forget ...........It was a beautiful, sunny, warm 19c, with just a touch of breeze today. Couldn't ask for more perfect weather.

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