Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Start of Our Trip

We Travelled a little farther to spend the night @ Yakima Washington. Tomorrow we head on out to Boise to see what else awaits us. We stopped to stretch our legs & check out the Snoqualimie Falls. This is one of Washington's most popular scenic attractions. The Snoqualmie River falls 270 ft to the 65 ft deep pool below. This is 100 ft higher than Niagra Falls. In 1890's an engineer named Charles H Baker saw a dream and in 1898 construction on the power plant began.

We started out from Surrey and by lunch decided to try a place called ....well you see. Larry ordered a classic Bob's Burger, and it was one huge burger. Will have to remember to ask Bob if he started a new franchise and forgot to mention it. Just kidding Bob. This was in Tulalip Washington on the I 5.


  1. Yakima, your Grandpa Herb had a house there when he was dating your Grandma. Don't forget, grandma is buried in longview, wash if you happen to be browsing around in that area.!

  2. Really! That would have been neat to look it up.