Monday, February 15, 2010

Colossal Cave in Tucson AZ

What a visit!!!! I would do this a few times it is so amazing. The temp stays about 70 degrees all the time in the cave and at times we were 13 stories below ground, truely marvelous. At one point as were behind the group, ( we were bringing up the rear the whole tour) taking a photo op picture we had something weird happen. Larry took a picture and went to take another as he went to take it he was waving and trying to move the camera around so he could see me, and he snapped the picture telling me something was wrong with the camera setting, then he said never mind there you are now and took another picture. He thought the one picture he at least had my feet lol. We hurried on our way to catch up with the group and finished our tour, visiting other parts of the park. When we were back in the room we got talking about it and Larry jokingly mentioned the ghostly blob blocking me out of the we got looking through pictures and it is kind of freaky how you CANNOT see me at all in the photo. 1st picture I'm in...2nd picture I am not in (taken in the same minute) 3rd picture I am in (taken the next minute). Larry thought I was joking about ghosts being down there until I showed him the photos....Where O Where has Connie gone? The Hohokam Indians were the first people to live in the caves over 1000 yrs ago, around 900A.D.

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  1. Tooo bizarre Connie! Those Hohokams! There is a very interesting ruin site at Casa Grande believed to have been built by the Hohokams.