Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vancouver Island

We made it to the island the night before last. The sun is trying to shine after pouring down rain since we got here. I don't think the sun has much chance though, the clouds are moving in rather quickly.
We had a good visit with Dorinda and the kids. Nik spent some time with us also, although he did spend the week-end going to the school to do some school projects on both Sat. and Sun. That is commitment for sure. Keep up the good work Nicolas. Dorinda is happy she is over the hump ( as she calls it ) with her program. She only has the dementia part of her program left, which she appears to be fairly confident about, then she will have her practicum to do. I believe she said she was going to do it at the Langley Hospital.
Tonka was not sure whether to be upset or not about being left behind, but then he does love to play with the kids so he was a tad confused. I guess we will find out if he was ticked or not when we get back.

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