Monday, January 18, 2010

Pit Stop Back Home

We made it home last night. Surrey, Burnably, and Coquitlam area to Vancouver Island, then back to the Surrey (and area) again leaves for a very busy schedule. We have a meeting at Nik's housing on Feb 1st, ( he wants our of housing into his own apartment with a room mate). So we have just under 2 weeks to get some things done. A couple of book work things for Larry and of course Tonka and I both have hair appointments, lol. Get some quilting done and organized so that I can bring a bit of the hand quilting along.

When I was at sister Patty's I had some fun trying to teach that young nephew of mine (Jordan) a bit of cooking and baking, he does very well, I was telling him he is the new chef Ramsey in training. Last time I was there he was also helping me cook so who knows......

We had a good little visit with all of our nieces & nephews (and 2 of the great nieces) who lived there. Well except for one nephew, don't know where he was. I will keep you posted once we start on our new little vacay........

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